Candy Sweet Legends-Smash Day

Fun Candy Jewel Smash Puzzle Match 3

A super fun puzzle casual game

Game features:

1. Cool explosion special effects

2. Set time to rescue the elf, and complete the goal a fixed number of times

3. Crush the target with colorful butterfly candy skills

4. Two color big moves merged and eliminated in full screen

5. Butterfly candy + bomb can find the best target for explosion

6. Butterfly candy + horizontal candy skills to eliminate the best horizontal

7. Butterfly candy + vertical candy skill to crush the best one horizontal

8. Butterfly candies + colorful candies generate many butterflies to eliminate obstacles

9. Colored candies + horizontal and vertical candies Generate a lot of horizontal and vertical candies to complete the task

10. Bomb + horizontal and vertical candies can eliminate 3 rows and 3 columns to complete the task

How to play:

Combine skills as much as possible so that the power of explosive smashing is the greatest.